O Level Computer Science (2210)

Solution of Pre-release May/June 2016 Scenario

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Kindly find the solution of pre-release May/June 2016 scenario. The document contains, pre-release scenario, solution of each task using VB.NET programming and pseudocode with description, solution of whole pre-release scenario at once with description and without description.

CIE May & June 2016 Pre-release Solution

Students are advised to first read programming code and its description and then write it at their own by ignoring description. Because with description it may seems a lengthy solution for you but actually it is not.

To understand VB.NET programming from very basic level, you should first read the document which is introduction to VB.NET programming below.

Introduction to VB.NET

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Fundamentals of Computer Science ( All Notes & Practice Problems)

Dear Students, here you go with all the chapters Fundamentals of Computer Science (2210) with worksheets to download.

Input Devices

Output Devices

Data Storage

Number System

The Von Neumann machine

Fetch Execute Cycle

Types of Buses in Computer

Data Communication & Networking

Data Security & Ethics Database

Logo Language – Solving Turtle Questions


Program Flow Chart Theory

Program Flow Charts Worksheet

Program Flowchart (Trace Table)

Data Security & Ethics

Types of Programming Languages & Translators

Operating System

Introduction to VB.NET & PreRelease Material 2015

IGCSE Recommended Book on Computer Science

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Download the textbook on Computer Science for O level recommended by IGCSE here.

Cambridge IGCSE Computer Science

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